Having the right technology can make a huge difference today. In fact, it can help improve the productivity of factories and could even make our work a bit safer with the use of these technologies. What we usually forget is that we use artificial technology on a daily basis. In fact, these days, unless you are living under a rock, you have technology that has some sort of artificial tech. Here are some of those things that we usually forget.

Computer games

A lot of us forget the fact that computer games are a sophisticated example of AI. The reason why you are being challenged by the computer games isn’t just because of the graphics. The main reason why you find it challenging is because how it has been programmed. And often times, it can get very frustrating. Whether you love playing RPG or fighting games, AI technology is at play.

Search engines

Search engines are an example of artificial intelligence technology. What makes search engines an example of artificial intelligence? Search engines operate by collating a number of information online in order to provide users with the right websites that match their search. An algorithm that is being used by top search engines today is becoming more and more sophisticated. From analyzing which websites contain the right content to analyzing which sites can fit in mobile devices, these are just some of the examples that make search engines a sophisticated AI tech.

Smart cars

Though not yet as common, smart cars are a prime example of AI technology at work. Self-driving cars have the ability to judge the road just like how any other driver would. This means that you can avoid getting into accidents and you won’t get lost. The good thing about self-driving cars is that you can just rest and even read the newspaper as the car drives on its own. Both Tesla and Google are two of the leaders that are taking a closer look at how to improve self-driving technology.

Purchase prediction

Large retailers have a way of targeting their potential customers. If you notice that there are suggested products on your computer, it is because of the fact that you have been profiled based on your past searches. And because of this, they are able to anticipate which ads you might like.

Checking fraud

You should also thank artificial intelligence for tracing potential fraud. If someone starts using your credit card in an unknown part of the world, then there is a chance that your credit card details have been stolen. And because of this, credit card companies can also save a good amount of money in the long run. And because of the prevalence of fraud, humans can’t keep up with this activity.

There are a lot of ways how artificial technology has helped us. What you have to understand is that artificial technology still can’t replace the human mind. However, it can help us in our daily tasks considering how fast it can process information based on its program. And not only that, you don’t have to worry about fatigue or the possibility of being distracted.

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