Businesses are adopting new technologies in order to increase their sales and to ensure that they increase their productivity. In fact, there are even some businesses that are using artificial technology in order to replace humans. Since labor can cost a lot of money, a lot of businesses have turned to artificial intelligence in order to address their needs.

Just how good is artificial intelligence? According to experts, it is projected that artificial intelligence could contribute as much as $15.7 trillion the global economy by 2030. And this isn’t even surprising. That’s equivalent to the combined output of both India and China. SO what are the challenges that need to be addressed by businesses when it comes to artificial intelligence?

Computer power

One of the things that companies are concerned about is the ability to sustain artificial technology. Unfortunately, this would mean that computer power is needed in order to ensure processing times and to ensure that the data we need can be analyzed by artificial intelligence technology. And because of the need for supercomputers, this would mean funding both from the cost of equipment to its operational cost. Now, is it still practical?

Given the improvement in technology every day, you have to understand that there are instances wherein the costs of powerful computers are still expected to decrease in time. And once this day comes, there is a possibility that companies can simply invest in cheaper computers that can perform better.

Possibility of replacing humans

Another issue that has to be addressed is the fact that there is always the possibility of replacing humans from their work. Given tough economic times, it is important for humans to still have the work opportunity out there that can feed their family. Unfortunately, if your job doesn’t involve a lot of thinking and decision making, then it is possible that automated machines can replace you from your post. And in reality, this can pose a serious threat to the labor force. It can also increase the unemployment rate.

Reliability issues

If you will look at artificial intelligence, though it offers accurate results, we can never tell when these machines will fail. And also, what exactly do we do in case these machines fail? Do we have a backup? Do we revert to humans or do we have machines that can troubleshoot the problem?

If you will look at the self-driving cars,for instance, there are a lot of people who still won’t trust these kinds of cars. Though it offers safe and efficient driving experience, you will never know what would happen in case it malfunctions.

Human role in the economy is quite complicated to be fully reliant on artificial intelligence. This only means that though artificial intelligence can help us increase our productivity, it is important that humans still know exactly what to do in case technology fails. It is also important that we don’t grow an overreliance to these types of technologies.

For businesses, these are just some of the most crucial issues that need to be addressed. And in reality, artificial intelligence can be a hotly debated topic.

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