There are many people that wonder if a Social Security card is proof of citizenship. If you were born in the United States, you will be issued one of these cards which will have a specific number that is representative of you. If you obtain one of these cards, and you are not a citizen, you probably have this just to work in the United States. However, either one of these cannot be used as the sole reason that fully confirms that you are a citizen of the United States. Here are some of the documents that you should also provide if you would like to prove this unequivocally.

What Documents Would You Need?

There are certain documents that you will need to have in addition to your Social Security card to prove that you are actually a citizen. It is possible that someone could forge one, and therefore that is not actually proof. The number itself is going to be representative of a citizen, but you also need to provide a passport, drivers license, or other documents that will work in conjunction with this card. This is the way that most of the people on operate, requesting multiple forms of identification, specifically if you are not a citizen of the United States.

What If All You Have Is Your Social Security Card?

If all you have on you is your Social Security card, they are probably going to request other information. If you do not have an available, this could be problematic in regard to requesting a loan, or submitting a job application to get employment. Most people will also have a drivers license, and this can serve as identification as to your citizenship. Additionally, you can bring a birth certificate, or your passport, if that is what they are requesting.

What If You Change Your Social Security Card Number?

If you do change your Social Security card number, this should not affect anything. You will still be registered as a citizen of the US. However, at that point, you will probably be changing your name and address as well. For example, if you are in a witness protection program, and you are completely changing your identity, you need multiple forms of identification in order to prove that you are a United States citizen. Once you have gathered all of this information, you will be able to pursue whatever it is you are trying to obtain. This will ensure your employer, or even a bank lender, that you are a citizen that will be able to be identified.

Although the card is proof that you are a citizen, especially if it is not stamped with a work only stamped from the DHS, it is usually recommended that you have other forms of identification. You should provide your drivers license, passport, or proof that you are paying bills in the United States, preferably for a couple of years. All of this will help identify you as a US citizen when you are trying to get a job or perhaps a loan at the bank. To apply for new social security card visit the genuine website.

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