There are many reasons to believe that artificial intelligence is now a must in our daily lives. You could get the best things in life with AI technology. What most people don’t know is that AI tech is being used in different scenarios. In fact, we use it every day. Here are some examples of AI tech that we tend to forget.

Customer support

A lot of times, you may actually be chatting with AI when you go to a website. There are companies utilizing AI in their customer support. It makes use of natural language processing wherein it understands simple concerns. It takes cue words and provides answers to its customers. This means that you don’t have to wait for a few minutes for your simple questions. But of course, let’s admit that human intelligence will still beat artificial intelligence tech in this scenario.

News Generation

Yes, simple news can be written by AIs. But of course, you don’t expect exemplary writing for these instances. You can only expect simple sentences when it comes to AIs. However, Google has been fighting AIs writing content. Instead, they have developed an algorithm that takes a closer look at the quality of content. This isn’t really surprising given the fact that advertisers are looking to place their ads on quality websites that readers will like.


Computations can be done manually. However, let’s admit that it takes time. Also, if you are tired or if you missed some details, you can easily make a mistake. On the other hand, calculators can provide you with accurate results as long as you can provide the right formula. Computations are integrated to different software as well. This is a simple form of artificial intelligence. It helps make the work more efficient and it can help give you the results that you want fast.

Search engines

Search engines are an example of artificial intelligence. Yes, a simple search may not be too simple after all. Could you imagine an algorithm taking a closer look at all websites in just a few seconds? It has the ability to judge the content, the web design, and even the number of backlinks that point towards a particular site? And with these criteria, you get the top websites. Google has become popular because of their algorithm. Google’s algorithm has the ability to deliver relevant results to its users. In fact, it has become so effective that 8 out of 10 Google users don’t even have to go to the second search result page.

Security surveillance

Surveillance features of homes have become sophisticated over the years. In fact, there are security cameras that simply turn on when it detects motion. The camera can even move towards where the motion is coming from. Now, this can help save memory and it can also help extend the longevity of the camera.

Artificial intelligence is quite popular today. Over the years, a lot of people have used it for different functions. What most people don’t know is that artificial intelligence applications are more common than what people think.

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